Aging in the News: December 2022

December 21, 2022
Explore our news round-up from December 2022. This month, we examine stories about older adults and aging in America.

China’s Grandparents Are Done Babysitting and Ready to Go Viral

China is home to the largest older adult population in the world. A growing number of retirees are choosing a very different retirement – as influencers. They are defying stereotypes to create a new stage for themselves, making extra money while pursuing their hobbies or skills on the internet. 

“In this corner of the Chinese internet, octogenarians croon, septuagenarians tango and gray-haired fashionistas strut down catwalks and offer makeup tips to millions of fans. There’s even an 86-year-old man who just sits and plays video games like Call of Duty.” Read more here.

Optimism linked to longevity and well-being in two recent studies

Your optimistic attitude might be contributing to a longer life! Two recent studies from the National Institutes of Health find that increasing optimism may help extend lifespan and improve well-being. Previous studies had only been among white populations – in the first study, researchers analyzed data from Black, Hispanic/Latina, and Asian women and found that the most optimistic women lived – on average – 5.4% longer than the least optimistic women. They were also more likely to reach “exceptional longevity.” The second study found that more optimistic men experienced fewer negative emotions. Stay positive and live longer!

7 Principles to Attract and Retain Older Frontline Workers

As a growing number of companies rely on older workers to fill long-term labor shortages, the Harvard Business Review conducted a study about what older workers want and need in the workplace. The study found seven key principles that help attract older workers, including: 

  • Designing more purposeful roles
  • Arrange and enable more flexible schedules
  • Pay for the job not for tenure
  • Adapt and accommodate physical challenges
  • Communicate clearly and candidly
  • Build community and camaraderie
  • Tackle ageism

As the gap in the workforce grows, principles like these can help support and attract this under-recognized workforce to ensure businesses continue to operate while fostering positive, uplifting environments for their teams. Read the piece here.

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