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The GenSpace Leadership Initiative

GenSpace is helping to reevaluate how society views getting older by challenging stereotypes and combating ageism through convenings, partnerships, and events that focus on a new way of looking at and talking about aging.

Aging Out Loud

Good for Business

Explore how businesses benefit from recruiting—and retaining—older workers and how to strengthen your workforce by embracing generational differences. Plus: Judge Judy Shiendlin shares her wisdom and insights in our fireside chat.

Digital Bridges

Our panels discuss why the future of tech depends on older adults and where companies fall short by misinterpreting the wants of older adults. Plus: Social media stars, The Old Gays, share their thoughts on connectivity and intergenerational experiences.

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Leadership Initiative News

Card games are not only one of the most popular pastimes around the world but also a tool for keeping the mind sharp. From strategizing for a win to keeping track of the rules of any given game, card games are a fun, safe, and brain-stimulating activity perfect for older adults.
Read GenSpace Director Dr. Jennifer Wong’s opinion piece about revolutionizing spaces for older adults on PBS’ Next Avenue
Explore our news round-up from September 2022 where we examine stories about older adults and aging in America. 
GenSpace says a fond farewell to our USC Summer OT interns. Watch this fun recap video of what they did throughout their time here at GenSpace!
Explore our news round-up from August 2022 where we examine stories about older adults and aging in America. 
Several economic factors have led more older adults to make a return to the workforce or contemplate a return. Some are looking to pad their retirement, others want to support their families, while others are looking for a way to stay connected and active in this new stage of life.
Our news round-up from July dives into stories about older adults and tech addiction, how ageism affects health, and impr
Our culture tends to create physical and emotional silos between generations, which can cause people to miss out on opportunities for connection. As our society adapts amidst this ongoing pandemic, it’s more important than ever that intergenerational partnerships be integrated into our society.
Los Angeles County is home to one of the world’s largest concentrations of older adults, with nearly 2 million people identified as being 60 years and older.
From celebrating Pride Month to exploring new applications for VR with older adults, check out our latest round of aging in the news.
GenSpace’s conversation between experts and leaders highlighted how employers can create workplaces where people of all ages can thrive.
GenSpace hosted Dr. Zaldy Tan and his incredible team to provide lessons and resources to help families and caregivers better support people with dementia. 
Introducing GenSpace Spotlight – a series that profiles the lives of older Angelenos.
Take a look at how the very concept of retirement is changing across in the country in our news round-up from May 2022.
As part of our commitment to change the conversation on aging, Wallis Annenberg GenSpace is excited to announce its second convening in the Aging Out Loud Series: Good for Business.
From exploring the health effects of ageism to a new map of life, dive into our news round-up from April 2022.

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