Aging in the News: March 2022

March 30, 2022
Explore our news round-up from March 2022, examining stories about older adults and aging in America.
Vera Wang / BBC News

Vera Wang: I Find Ageism So Old-Fashioned

“Knowledge, wisdom, patience, care. These things you grow everyday in your life. You have to try and continue to grow in one way or another, and that’s why I find ageism so old-fashioned.” 

Vera Wang

Designer and fashion icon Vera Wang became a viral sensation during lockdown, with many people shocked by how youthful she looks at the age of 72. In an interview with BBC 100 Women, the New York-born businesswoman shares her views on ageism and what her life behind the scenes of the fashion industry has taught her. 

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Katey Hamill / Los Angeles Times

America’s Oldest Competitive Snowboarder Still Rips at Age 76

Dick Schulze is the country’s oldest competitive snowboarder, a relative late bloomer who didn’t take up the sport until his 50s. How he discovered his ‘obsession and passion’ and came to the realization that simply having confidence can make a world of a difference. 

Once you get the hang of it, he said – once you push past the aches and beginner bruises, overcome the fear of heights and occasional panic over losing control, once you grow comfortable standing sideways and sliding down a mountain with 10 or so pounds of fiberglass strapped to your feet – then snowboarding is 90% mental.”

Read more about why experts believe we’re increasingly likely to see more older adult athletes.

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Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times

Liza Minnelli gets by at the Oscars with a little help from her friend Lady Gaga 

Previously we highlighted the way that superstar Lady Gaga teamed up with Tony Bennett for his last album as he and his wife opened up about his ongoing battle with Alzehimer’s Disease. This month, Lady Gaga teamed up with another iconic show business legend, Liza Minneli, to present at the Academy Awards. Liza has shared her serious health issues and is surviving a rare case of viral encephalitis, a life-threatening brain infection. Watch the supportive and heartwarming moment between the two as they presented at the Oscars.

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Alberto Lores / HelpAge International

Supporting Older People in the Ukraine Crisis

The ongoing war in Ukraine has many devastating consequences, including the impact on older adults with limited mobility and support.

From HelpAge International:

“Older people of Ukraine are in desperate need of humanitarian support. As a result of the Russian invasion, the lives of millions of older people are at risk. They are in danger of being displaced by the conflict, denied access to essential services – like health or pensions – or forced to flee to neighboring countries. Those unable to move are often abandoned in war-torn areas. HelpAge staff and volunteers provide humanitarian assistance to older people of Ukraine both within the country and abroad. We bring food, medicine, and hygiene supplies for older people, their families, and communities.”

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