Aging in the News: May 2023

June 5, 2023
Explore our news round-up from May 2023. This month, we examine stories about older adults and aging in America.

How – and why – you should increase your social network as you age

A recent piece in The Washington Post highlights just how important social connection is for older adults. The article outlines how health can quickly deteriorate when older adults lose their friend network and face-to-face interactions. 

Virtual connections can help combat social isolation, but in-person activities are found to be the most effective at keeping older adults healthy, active, and combating depression. 

The piece emphasizes that fostering low-pressure social interactions is essential, as older adults often find comfort in the mere presence of others, even without constant conversation. It’s why GenSpace is so committed to offering classes that enable older adults to socialize and establish new connections.

Column: Want the real sports scoop? Meet the Senior Smack Talkers, whose words are their bond

Meet the Senior Smack Talkers, a group of retired sports fanatics who gather at Pierce College’s Encore program every week to engage in lively discussions about Southern California sports.

Their weekly gatherings also offer the opportunity to forge deep connections and meaningful friendships. 

Join the conversation and tap into their wealth of knowledge and unfiltered opinions at Pierce College on Tuesdays at 1 p.m. Don’t miss out on this age-positive, engaging community.

At 81, Martha Stewart Is the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover Star

Martha Stewart’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover makes a splash. 

At 81, Stewart is the oldest person to grace the cover, sending a powerful statement and helping defy ageist stereotypes that older women are conservative and sexless. 

In the piece, Stewart reveals the adjustments that helped her feel confident during her shoot. And she shares some of the keys to her confidence, including: lifelong self-assurance, embracing new opportunities, and accepting a constantly evolving life. 

Congratulations to Stewart for increasing visibility of older women as vibrant and bold personalities!

Americans Eager to Learn from Other Countries’ Aging and Health Policies, AARP Survey Finds

A new AARP survey of more than 1,000 older Americans reveals that most are open to learning from the health care policies of other countries as part of an effort to expand health care accessibility and affordability. 

The report highlights Colombia’s Comprehensive Care Model for Rural Health as an innovative solution. 

In order for the U.S. healthcare system to help increase life expectancy, the report recommends policymakers, health care providers, and older adults embrace ideas from abroad and foster community collaboration.

A Movement to Make Workplaces ‘Menopause Friendly’

The movement for menopause-friendly workplaces is gaining momentum, with companies in the United States and the UK recognizing the need to address challenges faced by menopausal women in the workforce. 

Traditionally, discussing menopause symptoms has been taboo, but attitudes are shifting as female leaders and celebrities bring the topic into the cultural conversation. 

Employers are realizing that supporting women through menopause is not only essential for their well-being but also crucial for retaining experienced employees and maintaining productivity. 

Menopause-friendly policies include education, physical accommodations, flexible schedules, and access to treatment. In Britain, more than 50 organizations are now certified as menopause-friendly, while the effort is just starting in the United States. By normalizing discussions about menopause and providing support, workplaces can create an inclusive environment that values the experiences and needs of menopausal women.

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