Collaboration Across Generations with Social Innovation Summit

August 10, 2021
This month, Wallis Annenberg GenSpace Director Jennifer Wong, PhD moderated a timely panel on intergenerational collaboration at the Social Innovation Summit.

Dr. Wong joined AARP Executive Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer Edna Kane-Williams and Modern Elder Academy Founder Chip Conley for an exploration of the critical importance of age diversity:

“The intergenerational workplace is here. We have 5 generations working in the workplace right now. If we don’t get a handle on what the best practices are and how to do this well. There is much at risk and stake… we have to master how to optimize aging in the workplace.”

Edna Kane-Williams

“What I started to see in Silicon Valley, is they have done a really good job around diversity and inclusion, but have almost forgotten that here are different ages in the workplace. We look at gender, race, sexual orientation, disabilities, but we don’t tend to look in many companies, at how we are creating an intergenerationally collaborative workforce.”

Chip Conley

Watch the full video below, and explore the many benefits that older adults bring to teams in the workplace, including life experience and psychological safety:

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