Exploring the Future of Health with the Milken Institute

August 10, 2021
Annenberg Foundation Executive Director Cinny Kennard and GenSpace Director Jennifer Wong, PhD, recently took part in Milken Institute's Future of Health Summit, a convening of the world’s leading minds to work towards solving significant health challenges.

The Milken Institute – a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank with the goal of increased health and well-being for communities around the world – brought more than 200 speakers together to discuss trends in vaccine development and distribution, pandemic prevention, health equity, biomedical innovation, mental health, long-term care, health financing, philanthropy, social isolation and loneliness, addiction and stigma, health policy, food and sustainability, telehealth, neuroscience, and technology.

At the summit’s Future of Aging Advisory Board Meeting, Senator Bob Casey – co-chair of the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging – led a powerful discussion on issues spanning from healthy longevity to financial wellness for older adults. It was here where a portion of the board meeting was reserved for presenting and discussing big ideas in aging. Wallis Annenberg’s vision for GenSpace was also in the spotlight during the meeting, showing how we can use the opportunity of having a larger older population to truly redefine aging.

“Through the pandemic, the Annenberg Foundation has continued its work to create a new kind of center to respond to the rampant isolation and loneliness among aging adults in Los Angeles. The Wallis Annenberg GenSpace will reimagine what life for them can look like— worlds away from sterile nursing homes and small, dark, and lonely apartments.”

Cinny Kennard

Click here to learn more about the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging.

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