Los Angeles County COVID-19 Resources

July 21, 2022
Los Angeles County is home to one of the world’s largest concentrations of older adults, with nearly 2 million people identified as being 60 years and older.

With such a large older adult community, the LA County Department of Public Health has been working overtime to ensure this community is supported during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

GenSpace is proud to partner with the LA County Department of Public Health to outline some of the valuable resources available to older adults in the area. 

One of the most vital lifelines for older adults are caregivers. The USC Family Caregiver Support Center (FCSC) and the LA Caregiver Resource Center provide a broad range of services across the continuum of caregiving using the innovative CareNav online platform to support the safety and feasibility of at-home care.

Unfortunately, extended time in quarantine at home also brought to light increased instances of elder abuse. The LA County Adult Protective Service team is a valuable resource available 24/7 to respond to reported abuse. LA County provides both a 24-Hour Elder Abuse Hotline, available at 1-877-477-3646, and a non-emergency online reporting portal for designated mandatory reporters of elder and dependent adult abuse.

Finally, food insecurity has been a persistent challenge for residents in Los Angeles County and was only exacerbated by the pandemic. Two key resources in combating food insecurity have been Meals on Wheels and Project Angel Food. Both of these programs work to provide nutritious meals that accommodate medical needs and dietary restrictions, not to mention provide vital social interaction for older adults.

Consolidation and distribution of resources is a key component of meeting the needs of LA County older adults and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is working tirelessly to ensure these resources are available to all Los Angeles residents who need them.

Click here for the complete listing of available COVID-19 resources. 

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