Wallis Annenberg GenSpace Building Rendering

Milken Institute – Longevity and Philanthropy: Wallis Annenberg GenSpace on Reimagining Aging

September 2, 2020
Wallis Annenberg shared her unique point of view and introduced the Wallis Annenberg GenSpace in a guest column for the Milken Institute’s "Power of Ideas" series.

Annenberg Foundation Chairman and CEO Wallis Annenberg has demonstrated an uncanny ability to identify and fill gaps in community resources and to create new and innovative opportunities through her philanthropic work. With our growing population of older adults and our increasing life expectancy, she envisions a fresh look at longevity. Her goal: to leverage our respect for our elders into actions that can improve the quality their lives and therefore of society as a whole:

The Wallis Annenberg GenSpace is an effort to reimagine what senior life can look like—worlds away from sterile nursing homes and isolation in small, dark, and lonely apartments. The Space will be fresh and futuristic and tech-forward, like the brand-new Rem Koolhaas building that will house it.


Read the full column here.

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