Susi Stadler – Third Annual AgeIn Forum

July 28, 2022
Our culture tends to create physical and emotional silos between generations, which can cause people to miss out on opportunities for connection. As our society adapts amidst this ongoing pandemic, it’s more important than ever that intergenerational partnerships be integrated into our society.

Wallis Annenberg GenSpace was honored to work with renowned architect Susi Stadler and her non-profit  “At Home with Growing Older” to help host the third annual AgeIn forum that is dedicated to identifying more ways to encourage intergenerational connection and collaboration in our daily lives. 

The event, Elder Wisdom: An Overlooked Resource for Trying Times, brought together lifelong advocates in the aging space to discuss the value and wisdom older adults can provide to help better navigate current human and environmental challenges.

Dancer/choreographer/artistic director Sarah Crowell kicked off the convening with a conversation about the importance of physical movement as a part of all movements for social change. This segued into a thought panel that was moderated by sociologist Sasha Shen Johfre, in which aging experts, including Amy Meyer, Sandy Mori, and Jennie Chin Hansen, presented invaluable insights about how people can be more age inclusive. They discussed the barriers that exist in bringing the wisdom of older adults to the table, and the steps that can be taken to foster age equity in decision making. 

“How do we take the effort and have structure to spend time together so that we’re not about the task – we’re about the person? Advocacy is crucial, but advocacy is only part of the ecosystem of making things happen so that it touches real lives. It’s about building relationships first… and trust takes time.”

Jennie Chin Hansen, former President of AARP

In advancement of our mission to reevaluate perceptions of aging, GenSpace is proud to be able to support events like AgeIn that help integrate elder wisdom into society.

Learn more about AgeIn and the work that “At Home with Growing Older” has done in past forums. Stay tuned for updates on when AgeIn will return for 2023!

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