GenSpace Hosts the 2022 Social Innovation Summit’s Giving Tuesday

December 31, 2022
Wallis Annenberg GenSpace had the great honor of hosting the Social Innovation Summit (SIS) VIP Salon for Giving Tuesday, in partnership with the Annenberg Foundation.

An exclusive group of leaders, academics, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists gathered at GenSpace to engage in a conversation about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, with an emphasis on cultivating a multigenerational workforce and inclusive media representation. 

Annenberg Foundation Executive Director, Cinny Kennard, led a fantastic discussion with LA Times columnist Steve Lopez about his new book that examines retirement and aging in the workforce. The duo emphasized that with the increasing health span in the U.S. comes the opportunity for older adults to reinvent their post-career years. However, it also entails the challenge of navigating a national system that isn’t prepared for such a population. 

“We should be planning for a 100-year life now – maybe boomers didn’t have this luxury to pre-plan.”

Cinny Kennard, Annenberg Foundation Executive Director

Fran Drescher, star of the television sitcom The Nanny, ended the evening with a keynote conversation with Dr. Jennifer Wong, Director of Wallis Annenberg GenSpace. They discussed Drescher’s new role as President of SAG-AFTRA, and highlighted the priorities she’s been working to secure for union members and ways that the entertainment industry can help drive change when it comes to representation. Through her decades-long career, Drescher continues to work in tackling negative stereotypes around aging, from on-screen to her personal life. 

GenSpace is proud to host conversations that challenge ageist stereotypes and encourage better representation in media, the workplace, and beyond. GenSpace is committed to redefining the narrative on aging and looks forward to hosting more events like the Social Innovation Summit to help create communities in which every older adult can thrive. 

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