Bringing Music and Intergenerational Connection to GenSpace

June 2, 2022
Studies continue to show great benefits to both younger and older generations when they work, collaborate, or connect together.

Researchers have found that young people often learn a broader perspective when they spend more time with an older adult – they are more patient and understanding. Meanwhile, older adults that spend time with younger generations are found to be happier and healthier. 

Knowing that these interactions are mutually beneficial, Wallis Annenberg GenSpace has made intergenerational connection a top priority. We’ve incorporated intergenerational activities into our weekly schedule – students and older adults can draw and paint alongside each other in our art studio. And, thanks to our partnership with Brawerman Elementary School, each week students help older adults with their devices in our tech bar.  

We’re excited to highlight another example of intergenerational connection and collaboration at GenSpace. Partnering with Sing for Hope, we’re bringing a piano to GenSpace. But before it makes its big debut, an intergenerational team got together to personalize the instrument.

Inside the Wallis Center for the Performing Arts, 82-year-old Judy designed and painted the unique stained glass pattern on the piano. She was joined by 11-year-old Sloan as they put the finishing touches on the piano. The duo talked and connected over their personal artistic passions while painting. 

The piano will be available for GenSpace members to play and enjoy. It will serve as a reminder of the intergenerational collaboration and creativity that brought it to life. Stay tuned for more details about when the piano will be available to use. And stay tuned for more intergenerational activities like this one.

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