GenSpace Hosts the Aging 360 Workshop Produced by Susanne Stadler!

March 20, 2023
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Wallis Annenberg GenSpace hosted Aging 360, a workshop in partnership with Susanne Stadler, Co-Founder of At Home With Growing Older.

GenSpace was excited to host an Aging 360™ workshop to educate members on ways to make their homes “age-ready.” Led by the interior architect of GenSpace, Susanne Stadler, the workshop provided hands-on design guidance to help older adults make their homes more age-friendly.

"An age-ready home is a home that keeps you connected by caring for yourself, being able to go in and out [with ease], and inviting friends into. A place that makes you feel confident and feel strong...”

Susanne Stadler

The workshop provided members with opportunities to plan for an age-friendly home that suits their needs. Members were invited to share challenges they are experiencing at home and took away possible solutions to create a more inclusive and supportive home.

“Sometimes we don't see the obstacles in our home… we are so used to how they look that we don't even see them anymore. The next step is to move those obstacles." 

Susanne Stadler

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