GenSpace Unveils New Digital Art Installation by teamLab

April 12, 2022
A beautiful new art piece created by the internationally acclaimed art collective teamLab was recently installed in the Wallis Annenberg GenSpace.

The interactive installation, titled “Flowers and People – A Whole Year Per Hour,” is presented on 12 digital panels that stretch across the east-facing gallery wall adjacent to the sunken garden, allowing for observation up-close or from a distance. The panels feature a year’s worth of seasonal flowers blooming over the course of an hour, continuously scattering and changing.

“We are thrilled to have teamLab’s ‘Flowers and People’ at Wallis Annenberg GenSpace. As you may know, the piece displays a whole year per hour – honoring the many flowers of the seasons. The virtual display is a mixture of fun and vibrant and also calming and mesmerizing. We hope that our community members love it as much as we do.” 

Jennifer Wong, PhD, Wallis Annenberg GenSpace Director

This digital installation is not a pre-recorded image played on a loop. Instead, the images shown are continuously being rendered and created in real time by a computer program. Furthermore, interactions between people and the installation cause a continuous change in the artwork. When moving past the art, the flowers scatter all at once; and when viewers stand still, flowers bloom and grow more abundantly. Previous visual states can never be replicated and will never reoccur.

“In spring in the Kunisaki Peninsula, there are many cherry blossoms in the mountains and canola blossoms at their base. This experience of nature caused teamLab to wonder how many of these flowers were planted by people and how many were native to the environment. It is a place of great serenity and contentment, but the expansive body of flowers is an ecosystem influenced by human intervention, and the boundary between the work of nature and the work of humans is unclear. Rather than nature and humans being in conflict, a healthy ecosystem is one that includes people.”


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