Mother/Daughter Members Enjoy Community and Connection at GenSpace 

August 11, 2022
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GenSpace is proud to be a space that brings a diverse group of people together to enjoy our classes and to meet others. 

GenSpace is proud to be a space that brings a diverse group of people together to enjoy our classes and to meet others. 

One of our frequent guests and members are Pam and Ying-Mei Chin, a mother-daughter duo. They visit GenSpace at least twice a week to take our Dance Aerobics class. They started taking the class to stay active, but they have found so much more at GenSpace. 

“We’ve met students from USC and they’re beginning their education, building their careers. And then you also have people who are at the later stages of their life, enjoying, trying to still stay engaged,” Pam said. “The younger people, we get inspired by them, their energy, their optimism. And the older people you take in their wisdom and inspiration…That’s why being around people in different life stages is great.”

Pam and Mei have prioritized staying active and moving. They like the Dance Aerobics class, and  they enjoy the different people they meet and friendships they are building. Not only do they enjoy meeting and connecting with new people, but for 50-year-old Pam, and 80-year-old Mei, it’s a place that they can go together, which can be hard to find.

“My mom is my person that I care so dearly for and we’re here together. She’s going to be 81 this year so we’re just experiencing this together.” 

Mei reiterates how important it is for her to be able to come to Wallis Annenberg GenSpace with her daughter and share the experience. 

“Here we can meet as friends,” Mei said. “Also, my daughter can come with me here – so lovely.”

Pam and Mei continue to prioritize their health, and together they are enjoying the support and benefits that GenSpace offers – from classes to community and connection. 

“We initially came for the exercise class, but when we came we found this community where you walk in from the parking lot you see the kids at their daycare at their school and they wave at you and you think ‘that’s what it means to start life, that’s so wonderful’ and then you walk through and see this beautiful building and what it took to build it, people’s commitment to create this,” Pam said. “And then you come to GenSpace, which is a space for older people, people who have a lot of years but good life experience and wisdom…”

Watch their video above to see more of what they have to say as regular members of GenSpace.

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