GenSpace Hosts 80 for Brady Screening and Panel Discussion

February 13, 2023
Wallis Annenberg GenSpace was honored to welcome Hollywood icons Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Sally Field, Billy Porter, and producer Donna Gigliotti to celebrate their hit movie 80 for Brady and to talk about the importance of positive portrayals of older adults on-screen.  

GenSpace members were treated to a private, free screening of the new movie 80 for Brady last week, where they engaged with one another and more than 230 writers, storytellers, and L.A. sports executives who rounded out the audience. The event was part of GenSpace’s commitment to change the narrative around aging and push back against the cultural stereotypes around growing older.  

After the screening all were invited to a luncheon and panel discussion focused on telling stories that center the experiences of older adults. Annenberg Foundation Executive Director, Cinny Kennard opened the program and emphasized why the movie is so important.

“It stars beautiful older women in their prime doing some of the best work of their lives and it shows us that aging isn’t a curse, but an opportunity – to be vibrant and to be funny and to be purposeful and to be relevant. It shows us that every single age is vital, every single age is important, and every single age is time for love, laughter, and a lot of fun.”
Cinny Kennard 
Executive Director, Annenberg Foundation
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The panel was moderated by LA Dodgers’ reporter Kristen Watson. Watson covered the Rams, Lakers and other LA based sports teams for more than five years and posed questions to the stars of the film, drawing on her experience covering sports and athletes in LA and beyond.

The cast of 80 for Brady highlighted the value of representation on-screen and how to avoid ageist stereotypes that are so common in Hollywood. Sally Field reflected on why she was so drawn to the movie, which chronicles four friends on a mission to see Tom Brady at the Super Bowl. 

Read highlights of what our panelist had to say below:

GenSpace Director, Dr. Jennifer Wong, closed the discussion highlighting GenSpace’s ongoing commitment to changing the narrative on aging. 

“Together with this community and our members, we launch a new conversation about aging and impact for breaking the mold on how Hollywood can be a leader to defy stereotypes about older adults on-screen.”
Dr. Jennifer Wong
Wallis Annenberg GenSpace

GenSpace provided a Resource Guide for Content Creators to better inform writers, producers, and directors and help ensure they tell powerful stories that don’t rely on stereotypes.

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