Aging in the News: January 2022

January 30, 2022
Explore our news round-up from January 2022, examining stories about older adults and aging in America.
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Can you think yourself young?

The Guiness World Record-certified oldest acrobatic salsa dancer, Paddy Jones attests, “I don’t plead my age because I don’t feel 80 or act it.” Research shows that a positive attitude to aging can lead to a longer, healthier life, while negative beliefs can have hugely detrimental effects. Read more about the importance of mindset in aging and longevity. 

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Some Questions for a Man Who Expects He Could Live to 150

“[Brian] Hanley’s path to super-longevity is still hypothetical. He develops gene therapies through Butterfly Sciences, a small company he founded, and has been testing a therapy on himself that he believes might extend his lifespan and, crucially, his “healthspan,” the period when he’s in good physical and mental shape. He hopes that future advances—among other difficulties, current gene therapies can’t modify a sufficiently large share of cells in someone’s body—could extend those two spans even further.”

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Purpose At Work: Meals On Wheels America Delivers A Whole Lot More Than Food

For many older adults, Meals On Wheels is a lifeline that goes beyond food – it’s a connection that recipients get from the regular drop-offs that can often mean the most to them. “Bottom line, [President and CEO Ellie] Hollander says: “Meals on Wheels might deliver 220-plus million meals every year. But its underlying purpose goes way beyond that: ‘We are about enabling independence.’ There’s a social and ethical benefit to that, obviously, says Hollander. But maybe not so obvious is the economic advantage: ‘We can feed a senior Meals on Wheels for an entire year for the same cost of that same senior being in the hospital for one day or a nursing home for 10.’” More about the critical role Meals On Wheels plays in the lives of older adults here.

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60 Over 60

Recognizing the contributions of people over 60 – specifically around fostering inclusion and support for older Americans is one of HelpAge’s priorities. They’ve honored some of those older adult leaders in Help Age’s 60 Over 60. “HelpAge USA is delighted to honor 60 Americans over 60 who are making significant contributions to society at the local, national or international level. We salute this diverse group of adults in their 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s who are making a difference and inspiring others. They are sharing their gifts with the world, and we are proud to honor them.”

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